A Different Man: A Collection of Short Stories, published by Bold Stroke Books, focuses on the lives and experiences of young gay men. From the story of a seven year old boy dealing with family drama and traumatic change in Amelia’s Crying; to the story of first love and loss in Sex, Love, and Intellectual Property; and a conversation between two gay men from the same family but from two different generations in Tucker; the collection includes thirteen stories that follow the life trajectory of gay men as each one deals with an adventure and/or challenge at a different stage in his/their life. As the stories in the collection progress, so too does the age of the protagonist in each story. 

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Anthony Villaseñor had not spoken to his parents in thirteen years; after they had thrown him out of their house one Christmas Eve. They disowned him due to the fact that he was gay. But just as Anthony is about to earn tenure and become Chair of his program at the University, his father calls. There has been an accident. The entire family is gathered at the hospital. As Anthony and his husband, Brian, join everyone in the emergency room, he finds that his place within the family is immediately reestablished. Withstanding a great deal of wear and tear, the two assist the Villaseñors through the death of their beloved daughter, Isabel, and the two husbands quickly find the love and support they never thought they wanted in the heart of the Villaseñor family.   

Printed Publications 

Fashionably Late is an anthology of personal narratives by gay, bisexual, and trans men who came out later in life. The goal of the collection is twofold: to shed light on a large yet often overlooked segment of the LGBTQ community, and to comfort older men who are coming out of the closet with stories that show they are not alone. The collection includes Andrew’s personal essay, Divorce and Evolution: A Case Study of a “Joto”, which focuses on his life journey after the age of 30. For more information, visit fashionablylate.com  

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Queer Families: An LGBTQ+ True Stories Anthology is a collection of personal narratives written by and/or about LGBTQ+ people. Published by Qommunicate Media, the anthology includes Andrew’s personal narrative, God Bless June Allyson, an essay about his mother, their Wednesday afternoons together, and their love of June Allyson movies.             

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Hashtag Queer: LGBTQ+ Creative Anthology, Volume 2 is a collection of short work in all literary genres (fiction, non-fiction, poetry, scripts) written by and/or about LGBTQ+ people. Published by Qommunicate Media, the collection includes Andrew’s shorty story, Paul and Cezanne, which is set in Paris and tells the story of a young man who finds comfort in a Cezanne painting as he perseveres through one of the many challenges of marriage.

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Jonathan is a literary journal featuring short fiction by self-identified queer male writers. Published by Sibling Rivalry Press, Jonathan has been deemed one of Library Journal's “Best New Magazines.” Jonathan issue 09 features Andrew’s short story, Good Help, which focuses on a young woman’s struggle in finding the perfect white dress for her quinceañera, while also dealing with racial microaggressions in a small bridal shop. 

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First Came Fear: New Tales of Horror is a collection of short stories that will terrify. Horror remains one of the most popular genres in television, film, and of course literature, and this collection seeks to join the ghoulish party. Published by New Lit Salon Press, the anthology includes unique, creative fiction in the art of fear and features Andrew’s story, Punishment.

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Queerly Loving Volume 2 is a collection of short stories that celebrates queer love in all its forms, be it romantic or platonic. Published by Queer Pack, the anthology includes optimistic stories that reflect the positive aspects of being queer. Volume 2 features Andrew’s story, A Kiss between Altar Boys, which is set in 1980 and tells the story of an extremely brave moment that is shared between two 13-year-old boys in grade school at the time.

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